Facebook is a social networking site that has over 900 million active users worldwide. More than 85 % of college students partake in these 900 million Facebook users and are counted in the 41% of users who log in every day.

The social networking site that was first launched in February 2004 and has made a major hit to the users of the internet, not only in young teens. Facebook is used by people up to the ages of 80 or older. It is generally used to keep in contact with friends and family. A lot of parents have pride in showing what they have become and the families they have raised and see Facebook as a great way to do it, others are travellers and see it as a way to keep in touch and some just find it easier to keep in touch with friends and family through Facebook. Facebook is a useful device for these things as you can update nearly everywhere you go using a mobile device. You can post pictures easily and ‘check in’ to let everyone know how you are and what you are doing.

Teenagers are somewhat addicted to Facebook and with the mobile application can stay connected all day. This to teenager’s sounds like a good thing but it is proven to be affecting their education and studies. In class students sit on their phone on Facebook posting about how “they hate this class” or “some girl next to me just picked her nose, lol rank” and are not paying their full attention to the class. At home students will begin to start assignments and will be pulled in to the trap of Facebook. Most students do not even know that they are doing it but after a while will work out they are on Facebook rather than doing their homework. This affects the grades of the students because their attention is not fully on their assignment which lets them down.

Professor Swarndeep Gill made a statement about how many of his students have been sucked into Facebook and how it is affecting their grades. The professor is concerned for his students because they are spending way too much time on different social networking sites rather than doing assignments.

“College is not easy and takes a great deal of focus, “Gill said. “There is little room for the distractions of Facebook when you want good grades.”

I can agree with this statement, being a college student myself who also used Facebook. Facebook is such a distracting social networking site and once you begin you don’t stop. I find it difficult to complete many assignments with the distraction of Facebook. I also agree that the years we spend at college are probably the most important years of our lives and that we need to spend less time on Facebook and more time studying, because our college results is what will follow us for the rest of our lives. This however is easier said than done.





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Is the internet killing the newspaper? – English

It’s not the internet that’s killing the newspaper; it’s that newspapers are trying too hard to hold onto a past.  

The internet is not killing the newspaper the newspapers have just missed its just to change. A large number of different industries have taken the chance and changed to become more electronic and go with the internet where as the newspapers avoided this because of fear of change. The newspaper its self will struggle to stay alive but the contents of the newspaper will not.  

A newspaper is based on the stories that are told, the journalism will never die although the print may. Society is interested in what the journalist has to say but why should they buy a big bulk newspaper when the journalist can just post it up on the internet? Many say that Newspapers popularity was beginning to decline majorly before the development of the newspaper therefore the press should have taken this opportunity to change and pick up the interest.

While the newspaper industry is clearly in decline in many developed countries today, the decline often started well before the advent of the internet

What society wants is the news, the gossip, the drama but they don’t want to have to go through the effort to go to a shop and by it. They want it straight away, without having to leave their own home. They want to know what has happened when it happens and not have to wait a day to see. The newspaper shows this as soon as the journalist has completed the story; the journalist writes it as soon as it happens. The internet can include the story as well as video footage and links to refer to more information on certain topics. The newspaper on the other hand, includes text and a picture a day or two after it happens.  

The print is slowly dying and newspaper companies are slowly missing their chance to change. Everything changes as time changes you just have to know when the right time to change is and not miss your chance, news papers may just be a little bit too late.



I formed my opinion on whether the internet is killing newspapers by reading several different articles from the internet. I read through many different opinions and which helped me form my own opinion. Listed below are the 3 main websites I used. I didn’t have a target audience in mind when writing; I targeted it at anyone in general. There are many different logical fallacies in my writing the main

Ones I found were Straw man, Special pleading, ambiguity, ad hominem and bandwagon. In my opinion the first sentence alone holds four of these logical fallacies. “It’s not the internet that’s killing the newspaper; it’s that newspapers are trying too hard to hold onto a past.”  This sentence used straw man and special pleading because it re arrange the argument to say that it’s the newspapers fault rather than the internet, whilst giving across the same argument. It also used ambiguity in the same way, by changing wording so the point being put across sounds different when really it is the exact same.  My writing probably has many more logical fallacies but those are the ones that stood out to me throughout the whole thing.




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Top 4 TV series in my opinion:

English assignment.

One Tree Hill: One tree hill is an American drama show that first aired in 2003. Since then has aired 9 different seasons. The first 4 seasons focusing on the main characters as they live their teenage lives through high school. The remaining episodes focus on where the characters left their lives after high school, the jobs they continued onto and the lives they have created for themselves. One tree hill is my number one favourite TV show because the drama makes it interesting. Its unpredictable and is an easy story line to follow. It is a series that keeps interesting by relating the teenage problems into the show including drugs, teenage pregnancy and relationships.


Home and Away: Home and away is a soap opera Australian drama show that first started airing in July 1987 and is continuing to air to this day. It is based on a fictional beach in Sydney that they call ‘Summer Bay.’ The show starts off focusing on the Fletcher family and their adopted kids and later in the seasons begins to focus more on the Stewart family. I find home and away interesting because the drama is so over the top. It follows general high school drama with things such as bullying and also the more exaggerated drama with things such as relationship problems and gangs.


McLeod’s Daughters: McLeod’s Daughters is another Australian drama TV series that tells the story of two sisters who are reunited after the divorce of their parents separated the inseparable sisters. The story shows how they continue to run the family farm, Drovers Run on their own despite the difficulties and the talk of the town that they can’t. I find this show entertaining because of the drama that happens each episode. It also has an interesting catch and you learn a lot about farming and horses through the show even without that being the point.


Two and a Half Men: Two and a half men is an American sitcom that originally focused on a jingle writer, Charlie, his uptight brother, Alan and Alan’s growing son. Allen’s divorce with his wife causes him and his son to move in and live with his brother Charlie. I think two and a half men is an interesting show because of the humour that is given during the show. I think all three of the main characters play a big part in the humour of the show.


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